The Award

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the first flight of the Ju 52/3m the local chapters H15 Hildesheim, S44 Mittweida, V28 Ludwigslust, W18 Dessau, W22 ZAB Dessau and Y07 Königs Wusterhausen of the DARC e.V. together with the Flieger-Funk-Runde e.V. (FFR) and the Swiss club station HB9VC issued this diploma.

In March 1932 a three-engined Ju 52 took off for its first flight. 90 years later this aircraft type has become a legend. Unfortunately, there are hardly any airworthy specimens left. But in Switzerland, Ju Air is working on the complete reconstruction of 3 aircraft. In spring 2023, vintage flights with the “Tante Ju” should take place again.

Award conditions

The award can be acquired by all licensed radio amateurs. To apply for the diploma, at least 6 QSO’s must be made for the basic diploma. Each special station can be rated once per band and operating mode. Operating modes in the sense of this diploma are CW, PHONE (SSB, FM, Digital Voice), RTTY and DIGITAL (PSK, FT8, FT4). Connections between 03/01/2022 and 06/30/2022 with the following stations count:

D F 9 Ø T J U – Special Event station
D K 9 Ø T J U – Special Event station
D L 9 Ø T J U – Special Event station
D M 9 Ø T J U – Special Event station
D P 9 Ø T J U – Special Event station
D Q 9 Ø T J U – Special Event station
D R 9 Ø T J U – Special Event station
H B 9 Ø J U – Special Event station

The diploma is issued in 3 classes. Necessary are for:

Economy Class – MIX Mode – 6 QSO’s with 4 different special stations
Business Class – MIX Mode – 12 QSO’s with 6 different special stations
First Class – MIX Mode – 18 QSO’s with 8 different special stations

To promote special modes of operation, the diploma is additionally issued for QSO’s in CW and in RTTY.
For these diplomas also 6, 12 and 18 QSO’s with 4, 6 and 8 special stations respectively are necessary for the respective diploma.
The award is free of charge and can only be applied for and downloaded from the website until 31.12.2022.


Click here for the award program for SWL’s.

Award guide

You can can download the instructions here.

Award status / Download Award

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If the conditions are met, you can download your award immediately.
Note: The individual award number will be assigned during the download.

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